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Vote Yes on Prop 8

October 11, 2008

I would like to encourage everyone in California to vote yes on prop 8. Why? you say. Well the oppositions main point is we should be “tolerant”. I object to their use of the word tolerant. I want to share my view on why their message is misleading.

First let me tell you about a friend of mine, I will call him John Doe. I have known him since he was a child. He is kind and tries hard but has a very serious problem. He is a child molester. He has been convicted and sent to jail several times. He does not want to do this but stuggles. I have remained tolerant of him but do not allow him to continue in his activites. I have tried in everyway I can to protect him and others from his serious problem. While I still care very much for him I do not condone his behavior nor does the majority of those in the United States even if in parts of the world this behavior is condoned we treat this as a danger to the family and society.

You might say well same sex marriage is not anything like this. I say that is not true. The problem exists in the way some members that beleive in same sex marriage then force our social behavior. Let me give you 3 examples.

1) Children as young as kindergarden are forced to learn at school that men can marry men and women can marry women. You as a parent are not told about the education material nor do you have an opt out opportunity.

2) Schools will have to send what little money they now have in an ever increasing tight budget on new books promoting same sex marriage because the old text books will be mandated in-appropriate by proponents of same sex marriage.

3) Agencies that for years have provided adoption services at inexpensive costs based on what they feel as family values will be force to close their doors because they must adopt children into homes they feel will confuse the childs gender development in early years. An not provide a family environment they accept.

I hope you will consider these issues before you are fooled by the idea that tolerance means letting someone else do whatever they want and remove your rights and protection. The California Civil Union’s act protects al the rights protecting marriage protects our families. Remember 61% of voting Californians passed this before and 4 liberal judges decided they know better than us on a moral issue.